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Elements of Healthcare 20

As healthcare in general is a subject that has been very much in the news as of late, many questions have been raised about the state of primary care, routine diagnoses and treatments, and how to bring the average costs of such things down in an age of ever more expensive medical care. There are many different ways that a healthcare 2.0 model of sorts is forming today to address these issues in new and innovative ways that harness the power of the internet for the good of the patient.
For example, one major element of healthcare 2.0 that has the potential to save both lives and money is the existence of various online services that are dedicated to storing individual medical records. At the touch of a button, these records can be transmitted online by the patient to their physician of choice, eliminating guesswork, et cetera by a physician who has rarely, if ever seen a particular patient before. This healthcare 2.0 solution could also save on the cost of record storage, secretaries, and archivists at medical facilities in the future, as well.
Another healthcare 2.0 element is the virtual visit and consultation. For routine matters, especially for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, virtual physician consultations could replace the frequent checkups in physical facilities. Additionally, these visits could also be used for such routine matters as prescribing birth control to a healthy woman. While there are likely to always be some ailments that can only be ascertained and treated in person, these routine checkups and visits can largely be done quite well over the web, thanks to healthcare 2.0 ideas. This can potentially save quite a lot of money on renting and maintaining physical facilities, and can free up many doctors to treat acutely ill patients during regular hours while a handful are set aside for virtual consultations.

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