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What is RSS Feeds

You should have RSS if you want to syndicate your website or your blog. The way of syndicating websites, online news and weblogs is called RSS feeds or Really Simple Syndication. The majority of online news sites, community sites and weblogs uses it. RSS feeds are also being used for other information the subscriber may be interested in although you might think that it is only applicable for news feeds. For the subscriber, especially those with a lot of interests, the feeds enable him to have access to the latest information from the different site he had subscribed to.
All of the versions fall under either of the two formats although there are many different versions of the RSS feeds. The 0.90 is the first and original format designed by Netscape for different news sites. This original format was very complicated for use and was simplified in its next version, the 0.91. The other format, the RSS 1.0 was designed by non commercial group. All in all, there are seven different formats and all of them are referred to as RSS.
A feed is what you need if you are among the individuals who want to have the latest information the moment they are released. You can actually see if your favorite website has added a new content of you have the feed. You can actually get it immediately without needing to visit the site the moment your favorite site published a new content. The most convenient way for you to access the latest in those sites, if you have many interests or have many favorite websites but do not have the time to visit them one by one, is the feed.
To have the right software is the first thing you should do if you want to use feeds. There are many software you can use if you want to read a feed. The news aggregator which is popular among bloggers is one example. This software can help the subscriber, by checking the feeds, keep up with his favorite sites. The software are the same except that some are applications which you have to download while the others are web based or browser based. The next thing you should do then is to decide on what you want to receive. For instance, if you want to receive the latest Hollywood news, you then subscribe to E or to The Insider. All you have to do is to click on the feed icon in their site and you will automatically receive feed from their sites. More related information Rss database |

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