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How to choose the right cute name for your girlfriend

If you are looking for a cute name for your girlfriend, you will be surprised that it is not that difficult. With a cute name, it means you are ready to share a special kind of bonding with your special someone. By giving her a cute name, not only are you showing your love for her but you are also shouting to the world that she is yours. At the same time, with names for each other, you have reached a point where you have created this exclusive and wonderful little world together. So if you think about it, it is really not that hard to choose a cute name for your girlfriend. You can take your pick from the many different categories out there. The only thing you have to do really is to determine which would best describe your girlfriend and how much you adore her.
First among the category is of course the childhood theme name, like teddy bear. Childhood inspires innocence and fun, so this is a particularly good place to start. You can find a very cute name from cartoon characters you used to watch, toys and other fun stuff from childhood. Then there is your memorable times category. Now this is easy because you will simply have to remember a particularly lovely time together and take inspiration from there. For instance, you can choose to call her bumble bee if you went to the park and she kept looking and touching the flowers. The most commonly used one and another good source of inspiration is food.
You can choose from sweets, like cupcake, or you can choose from fruits, such as strawberry. Your girlfriend will love that you see her as sweet and cute as those sweets and fruits. Do not call her anything associated with heavy meals, like pork chop. She will think that you see her as fat and she will surely not see that as cute. Another category you can take your pick from is cute animal, like kitty cat. Again, make sure to be sensitive with your choice. She will more likely be offended if you call her a gerbil or anything from the rat family even though you may find the animal cute.
After you have chosen the cute name for your girlfriend, to make the name sound more endearing, you might want to add cute words like silly or my little Later in your relationship, you will see that the cute name will always help you out when you want to make her feel more special or when you simply want to apologize for something.

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