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Categories For Sumbitting Blogs

A blog is a website which is monitored by an individual or an organization who regularly updates the descriptions of events, informative and entertainment material. In the recent years the popularity of blogs has increased and there are various blogs websites. Some websites update their own blogs while some also allow the users to submit blogs. By submitting their blogs; the users get opportunity to share their opinions.
Some blogging websites are informative, some entertaining and some are marketing based.
Depending on the purpose of blogs and their content, there are different kinds of blogs. All these types of blogs can be submitted on the blogs websites. Personal blogs are the first kind of blogs which are similar to the diary or commentary by individuals. It is a traditional type of blog and it is the most common blog.
It is not necessary that personal blogs are visited by the users rather these blogs are maintained by individuals for their own satisfaction. One example of a personal blog is microblogging which is getting very popular. Twitter is a kind of microblogging where you can submit blogs and interact with your friends.
Another famous types of blogs are corporate blogs which can be private or professional and usually people cannot submit blogs on these blog websites. These blogs are meant for marketing, branding or to maintain public relations. These blogs really provide cheap form of marketing to the companies. The third type of blog is Question blogging which is a category of blog that answers questions. These questions are submitted by users via mails, telephones, VOIP and submittal forms.
One popular kind of blog is vlog which comprises of videos and the one which comprises of links is known as linklog. A blog which consists of portfolio of sketches is known as sketchblog while the one which contains photos is known as photoblog. Interestingly, one rare kind of blog is Phlog which is hosted on Gopher Protocol. Therefore, there are various kinds of media blogs.
In the submit blogs category, you may also find kinds of blogs on the basis of device which is used to compose the blog like a blog written by a mobile device is known as moblog. Finally, there are different blogs categorized on the basis of genre like political blogs, travel blogs, niche blogs, fashion blogs and music blogs.
Therefore, blog website provide a way to users to submit blogs according to their interest and skills. One interesting thing about blogs is that there is a comment section at the end of the blogs, where the readers can comment their views after reading the blogs. Reference Submit blog -- Blogging -- Submit blogs -- Submit blog -- Blog search --

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